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Welcome to your GCSE GERMAN revision wiki! 

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NB When you have finished using any of the interactive activities, click on the BACK BUTTON to return to the wiki. If you close the activity by clicking on the X at the top right, you will close the whole wiki.




 Advice on how to revise


  General advice on revision




  The GCSE Foundation Level Interactive Vocab Workout is an interactive quiz, which contains over 150 key words from past papers. It will randomly select 35 key words each time, will arrange them in random order and will arrange the multiple choice answers in random order. With any luck it will never be quite the same twice. Keep playing, and try to improve your score each time.


  This link will take you to a page of interactive vocab matching activities. New material is being added regularly to this link. {New material added Nov 22nd 2010]


  Click this link for additional GCSE vocab lists. There is a lot of extra vocab here.


Click here for a  COMPLETE GCSE GERMAN VOCAB LIST The list begins with guidance on revising vocab effectively, identifies the most commonly used words in German, then gives you lots and lots of vocab. It's all organised into topics. Learn / revise 10 words a day from November until your exam in June and you'll cover everything on the list at least twice. You could even have a day off here and there.


Revision vocab list for Foundation Reading mock exam Dec 2010.


Revision vocab list for Higher Reading mock exam Dec 2010.


Revision vocab list for Foundation Listening mock exam Dec 2010


Click here for a page of vocab lists and interactive activities based on key words from past papers.


Additional  key language topic by topic. NB This links to a site that sometimes refers to features of the old style exam, such as "role-plays", but the language content is still valid and worth practising.






 Click here for the Official AQA exam Specification






  VIDEO What advice might the Daleks give about the new style AQA GCSE oral exam?


Revise how to use verbs and tenses with these sentence pattern grids


Question words Do you know them all? They are essential for the exam. If you don't know them all, practise with this interactive quiz on question words


 Click here for interactive activities to help you to practise verbs





 For exam-type practice you could try GCSE Bitesize.


 Revision of key language topic by topic


Want to impress the examiner? Check out the BBC guide to slang in German.



Feeling adventurous? Use your German skills to save your sister* by playing the BBC's interactive game DESTINATION DEATH


*You don't actually have to have a sister to play. Also, nothing will happen to your sister (or anybody's sister) if you don't play.


"Steps". This BBC beginner's course actually has a lot of USEFUL LANGUAGE PRACTICE Really.


Good luck.






Do you dare to revise next year's intentions to a fairly sad rythm?


Hast du ein Problem?


 Myles und Mowgli  revise "In der Stadt"





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