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interactive vocab activities

Page history last edited by P Morris 9 years, 10 months ago

REMEMBER When you have finished using any of the interactive activities, click on the BACK BUTTON to return to the wiki. If you close the activity by clicking on the X at the top right, you will close the whole wiki.


  15 key verbs for GCSE - the absolute basics


  50 key verbs for GCSE. This is a 3 minute time trial. The exercise will test a different selection of verbs every time you open it.





Vocab quiz featuring PLACES - The examiners love to test this stuff


 Vocab quizzes on the WEATHER - Another examiners' favourite


 Practice activities on jobs and the future


 Interactive vocab practice on school. This stuff comes up somewhere every year.


 Interactive vocab practice on health and fitness. Start working out.


 Commonly tested adjectives for describing people



 Random vocab matching activity #1


 Random vocab  matching activity #2


 Random vocab  matching activity #3


 Random vocab  matching activity #4


 Random vocab  matching activity #5


 Random vocab  matching activity #6


 Random vocab  matching activity #7


 Random vocab  matching activity #8


 Random vocab  matching activity #9


 Random vocab  matching activity #10


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